The Best Place to Stay in Port Barton, Palawan

If you search the internet for the best places to visit the Philippines, Palawan is definitely on the top list. And it is not surprising because there are so many beautiful beaches throughout Palawan.

But with so many famous beaches like Coron, El Nido, Honda Bay, and Balabac, why you should consider Port Barton as your next tourist destination in Palawan? And if you decided to explore this underrated place in Palawan, where is the best place to stay in Port Barton?

(*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Everything I wrote here is my own honest personal opinion as a traveler.)

Where is Port Barton?

Unlike the other famous places on mainland Palawan like El Nido, Sabang, and Honda Bay, Port Barton has a more laid-back or relaxed atmosphere.

Port Barton is not a town in itself, but it is one of the 10 barangays in the town of San Vicente. It is a small coastal village located on the northwestern side of the main island of Palawan. It is a 3-hour drive from Puerto Princesa airport and about a 4-hour drive away from El Nido airport.

From the main national highway, you have to drive for about an hour on a narrow and winding road in the middle of the forest. You can reach Port Barton by private car, tourist vans, motorcycles, and by public buses.

Why Choose To Go To Port Barton?

As was mentioned in the beginning, Port Barton is one of the laid-back communities in Palawan. Meaning it is a much quieter area compared to other tourist destinations. It is a fishing village and is a gateway to explore some of its beautiful islands by boat.

So if you are like me and would love to relax while on vacation, I highly recommend staying a few days in Port Barton. I’m sure you will definitely enjoy the tranquility there and will experience a slow-paced island kind of life.

Note that as of now, there is only one bank and one money remittance shop all over Port Barton. Plus almost all establishments only accept cash for payment. Although nowadays you can also pay using an e-wallet like GCash. I’m sure by now, you can imagine how simple life is in Port Barton.

And lastly, although Port Barton experienced a power outage last April, happily there is now a 24-hour supply of electricity all over Port Barton.

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Port Barton?

Because Port Barton is not yet as crowded as El Nido or Coron when it comes to tourists, it starts to attract more and more foreigners that prefer to avoid the crowd. It is not as expensive as other tourist destinations so it also attracts low-budget travelers like us.

But this doesn’t mean that there is a lack of accommodations in Port Barton. On the contrary, you can easily find some nice and decent accommodations there. From very basic rooms with electric fans to high-end beach resorts.

And in my opinion, if you are a tourist that prefers to enjoy nature without the crowd, Port Barton is definitely the best place for you to enjoy.

So far, I have found out that one of the best places to stay in Port Barton is at Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant.*

Front View of Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant

I highly recommend this place because we personally had the best experience while staying there for 3 nights and 4 days this past summer.

From the moment I started communicating with the Manager – Sir Ariel, via messenger, I already felt the staff’s professionalism and care for all their guests. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful. I was not disappointed at all. Our 3-night stay there is really something that we will remember fondly. That’s why I highly recommend Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant as one of the best places to stay in Port Barton.

Ausan Beach Front Resort and Restaurant offers a wide view of the calm sea

Why Choose Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant?

Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant is located right in the middle of Port Barton and is right in front of the white sand beach with its crystal clear waters. I think, in total, they have 24 rooms and cottages, all equipped with air-conditioning plus hot and cold showers. Some of their rooms and cottages offer you a stunning view of the sea and of course amazing sunsets too!

A relaxing view from one of their rooms

We stayed in one of Ausan’s sunset rooms and I found it perfect! We are used to traveling all around Europe so I quickly noticed that their rooms have a European touch in them. Especially in their choices of design and furniture. Oh, how I loved to sleep on their queen size bed!

And then the next day, I found out from the male owner, that most of their guests are from Europe. That’s why they have decided to choose a spacious bed and install a hot water machine for the shower.

Another thing that I appreciate is the design choices on their bathroom floors. You can quickly notice that they carefully chose the floor tiles in the bathroom. The owner mentioned that for him and his wife, the security of their guests is their top priority over anything else. So they prefer to have safer floor tiles rather than focus on the aesthetic side.

Safety comes first with non-slippery tiles

I find their room rates reasonable because it also includes free breakfast. You have a choice between a typical Filipino breakfast and a Continental one. The only downside I find when it comes to their breakfast is that they only have instant coffee and not the brewed one. But overall, everything is delicious and we enjoyed each of our meals at the restaurant.

By the way, their restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner. They usually have a “Catch of the Day” on their menu but they also have a variety of typical Filipino dishes including noodles and soups. And I personally enjoyed sipping their Ausan Lemonade which is made of real Kalamansi juice and honey.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages and Restaurant also offers affordable island hopping boat tours. Just feel free to ask at the reception desk. They also have laundry services and even a room-service massage.

Looking back on our summer holiday this year, I can honestly say that our 4-day stay in Port Barton is one of the best times we had during our 17-day stay in Palawan. Here we felt relaxed, recuperated, and really enjoyed the rural life Port Barton has to offer. May you also get the chance to enjoy the best of Port Barton soon!

Happy Planning!

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