MK Author
Just call me MK (short for Maryknoll).

I’m a Filipina living in Belgium with my family. We love to travel as a family and help our children discover the world around us.

This blog is designed to share travel ideas with you in order to inspire and motivate you to travel often.

You probably landed here because you are looking for some budget-friendly travel inspirations.

Let me show you how it is possible to combine work and travel without emptying your pocket.

Because I want you to believe that: “YOU DON’T NEED TO BE RICH TO TRAVEL WELL.”

Please check out our About Us page to learn more about us.

You will find a lot of information, ideas, and tips about traveling on our homepage. Enjoy!

(DISCLAIMER: We are not professional life coaches, nor do we intend to tell you what to do or not to do. We are only sharing our own experiences as immigrants to give you ideas about travel planning and maybe motivate you so as not to give up on your dream travels. Always exercise good judgment. We are NOT responsible if things don’t always turn out as described here.)

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